NETinfo: Simplifying Digital Transformation

Vassos Aristodemou, President & CEO, NETinfoVassos Aristodemou, President & CEO
The banking industry is facing an accelerated pace of evolution. The industry developments such as a deluge of disruptive technologies, new competitors, and rising customer expectations are prodding banks to evaluate and improve their operations constantly. Enter NETinfo, a versatile and innovative banking technology company. NETinfo builds customized, omnichannel solutions to help banks embrace digitization. “NETinfo has been instrumental in enabling digital transformation strategies for banks and financial institutions for nearly two decades,” states Vassos Aristodemou, President and CEO at NETinfo. With its flagship products, NETinfo Digital Banking Platform and NETinfo Mobile Financial Services (MFS), the company has successfully been part of the digital transformation process of banks and financial institutions in 30 countries worldwide.

While staying abreast with the rapid digitalization trends keeps the banking CIOs busy, they also face the challenge of creating a compelling customer experience. As an antidote to these challenges, “NETinfo helps banks differentiate themselves by offering innovative ideas and solutions to meet customers’ individual needs,” says Aristodemou.

A comprehensive solution, NETinfo Digital Banking Platform, empowers financial institutions to develop effective banking strategy across a multitude of channels and provide a consistent and customizable user experience. These channels include Internet banking, mobile banking, mobile/digital wallet, social media banking, wearables, kiosk, agency banking, and chatbots. Capturing business logic, rules, and workflows, the platform supports a broad range of functionality and services, addressing retail and corporate banking as well as high net-worth individuals. The platform facilitates open banking by using APIs to share bank data and services to regulated third parties in a manner that is controlled, secure, and Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) compliant.

The company offers NETinfo Mobile Financial Services (MFS), a digital wallet solution designed to replace cash.

NETinfo has been instrumental in enabling digital transformation strategies for banks and financial institutions for nearly two decades

As a secure and user-friendly tool for conducting mobile financial transactions, MFS provides the convenience of in-store payments, while various value-added-services enhance the customer experience before, during, and after the payment. The MFS solution is integrated with international mobile payment practices, which make it useful in both developed and growing markets.

Another jewel in NETinfo’s crown is NETsurance, an omnichannel digital business solution that empowers customers of insurance companies to view and manage policies ubiquitously. The solution’s architecture is simple and efficient, allowing for fast-customized integration with companies of any size or segment. It also provides a cutting-edge look-and-feel to further enhance any insurance company’s market branding. Amongst its many offerings, it provides the tools to the insured for Instant Claims Submission, Dispute Resolutions, Transparent Policy Information, Real-time Quotes, Deep Analytics, and many more.

The customizability of NETinfo’s offerings is based on three factors—client requirement, ease of administration, and their independence from other systems and platforms. The nuanced approach makes them unique amid a plethora of solution providers in the market and adds value to their offering. The company’s Digital Banking Platform provides a repository of services where customers can log in to review the transactions and other activities with the bank. NETinfo streamlines bank’s processes, such as onboarding, delivering outstanding and seamless digital experiences, removing any friction from the customer journey. Besides, NETinfo offers various add-on features such as money management and personal financial management enhancing customer experience to the maximum.

On the security front, NETinfo provides the users with a Risk-Based Authentication (RSA) suite that monitors the authenticity of user activity in real-time, supporting various authentication methods such as biometrics, one-time password, and device recognition. With these features, the information gathered during login is put to use to keep malicious attacks at bay. Having a keen eye on the future NETinfo is on a quest to make digitization the secret sauce that can take banks and other financial institutions to a higher level of productivity and effectiveness.